How to Participate in Brain Injury Awareness Month

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Concussion.Org joins the concussion community in recognizing BIAM

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and we are proud to stand with the concussion community to break down stigma and empower those who have survived traumatic brain injuries. Each day, we aim to raise awareness for one of the most common, yet least understood, forms of traumatic brain injury: concussion. 

We invite you to get involved during this Brain Injury Awareness Month! Here are some ways for you to use your voice to raise awareness for those living with brain injuries and speak out against the stigma: 

How to participate in Brain Injury Awareness Month

Share Your Brain Injury Story

There are many brain injury misconceptions, so share your story with the people in your life to help reduce stigma while empowering others to do the same. You can also help us raise awareness by sharing your story on Twitter using the #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth. All month long, we will be sharing facts on concussion and brain injury with the online community to break down misconceptions.

Educate Yourself

Concussion is not just a sports injury–it can affect anyone at any time. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussion is crucial to protecting yourself and your family. Symptoms are fairly consistent across age groups, meaning children and adults typically experience the same “off” feelings. Irritability, balance issues, blurred vision and more are common symptoms of concussion

Talk to Your Children

Concussion can leave a life-long impact, so it is important for parents to talk to their children about head safety. Parents should be their child’s advocate by teaching their child to speak up when they are injured, properly preparing their child for athletics and maintaining an open dialogue to encourage their child to come forward if they experience a head injury. 

Together, we can stand up against stigma to help improve the lives of those with brain injuries, especially during Brain Injury Awareness Month. For the latest concussion information and research, check out our News and Concussion Resources pages.