About Us

The International Concussion Society aims to be the most prolific global concussion organization, dedicated to providing accurate, vetted and reliable information about one of the most common, yet least understood, forms of traumatic brain injury.

International Concussion Society

The International Concussion Society will be the world’s premier scientific association dedicated to the research, treatment and prevention of concussions. The mission of the ICS is to promote academic leadership, support research and develop a global understanding of the most prevalent type of traumatic brain injury. As the organization behind Concussion.Org, the global repository of all concussion-related science, ICS is dedicated to sharing, developing and distributing accurate and meaningful information related to concussion science.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors steering the International Concussion Society will engage medical professionals, patient advocates, industry leaders and other influencers who share a common interest in translating and disseminating concussion information and advancing concussion research. From physicians to sports enthusiasts, professional athletes and more, we hope to involve individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to ensure that we fully deliver our message to vast networks of people.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board of leading physicians and scientists will ensure that only the most accurate, reliable and relevant information is shared on our online channels. Charged with reviewing original content, responding to press inquiries and sharing meaningful peer-reviewed studies, this team will be an integral part of the Concussion.Org website. Expanding our network of leading concussion experts and researchers to help curate content will help us drive those efforts further.