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female doctor treating concussion in children

CDC Releases Guideline for Youth Concussion

The Center for Disease Control recently released the first evidence-based guidance for treating concussion in children.

Youth baseball players with arms around shoulders

How to Prepare Your Children for Athletics

Before entering your child in athletics, it’s always wise to make sure you follow certain safety best practices to prevent injury.

Trent Anderson, PhD

Post-Traumatic Headache and Concussion

Trent Anderson, PhD, discusses what treatment options are currently available for post-traumatic headache and innovative research that may lead to new therapies.

A woman reseraching concussion myths on a laptop

Concussion Myths Debunked

We’ve debunked 5 common concussion myths so you can keep yourself and others safe the next time someone experiences a head injury.

Robert Scales, PhD

Exercise in the Management of Post-Concussion Symptoms

Robert Scales, PhD, explains how concussion victims can exercise their way to better brain health.

What to do After a Suspected Concussion

If you feel “off” after a head injury and think you might have a concussion, follow these five steps to evaluate your symptoms and figure out what to do next.

The Impact Report with Willie Stewart

Willie Stewart, PhD, MBChB, stresses the importance of educating medical professionals about TBI.

Dr. Amaal Starling

Returning the Athlete to Competition After a Concussion

Amaal Starling, MD, shares the five steps every coach and parent should follow before returning an athlete to competition after concussion.

player on ground after sustaining head injury

Action Plan: What To Do After a Player Sustains a Head Injury

Follow the Return to Play protocol to ensure players are ready to return to activity If one of your players experiences a head injury during practice or a game, you should first consult the Return to Play protocol that is set in place by the league or the school. All 50 states have Return to […]