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young soccer player dribbling

Action Plan: What to Do After Sustaining a Concussion

Follow this protocol after a sports-related head injury Concussions are a form of traumatic head injury caused by a bump or blow to the head, or even a subtle, sharp jolt. While their symptoms can seem minor or take some time to appear, concussions carry serious risks and can have long-lasting side effects. If you, […]

youth soccer field

Mayo Clinic Announces New Sideline Protocol for Non-Medical Personnel: Concussion Check

Concussion Check, the Mayo Clinic’s new remove-from-play protocol, provides parents, coaches and teachers with the tools they need to protect young athletes and keep sports safe—even when a medical professional isn’t on hand.

little league coach

A Coach’s Complete Guide to Concussion

Tips to help coaches show their athletes the importance of speaking openly and honestly about head injuries on the field.

wrestlers wrestling

Best Practices for Concussion Safety: Wrestling

Keep your child or student-athlete safe during this year’s wrestling season by following these best practices for concussion safety.

patient getting ct scan

The Neuropathology of Concussion

The neuropathology of concussion has been gaining attention, but there is still much that we don’t know about the damage caused to the brain.

Charles Adlelr, MD, PhD

Neurological Complications of Repeated Concussions

Charles Adler, MD, PhD, speaks on the link between repeated concussion and long-term neurological disorders.

child playing ice hockey

Concussion, Your Child and You

A guide to what every parent needs to know about concussion risk in children, including the seriousness of head injuries.

father helping son play basketball

How to Be Your Child’s Health Care Advocate

Advocate for your child by knowing how to help them avoid a concussion, how to identify symptoms, and what to do if and injury occurs.

Frank Porreca, PhD

Animal Models of Concussion and Post-Traumatic Headache

Frank Porreca, PhD, explains the benefits of using animal models to better understand concussion and develop treatments.