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child playing ice hockey

Concussion, Your Child and You

A guide to what every parent needs to know about concussion risk in children, including the seriousness of head injuries.

father helping son play basketball

How to Be Your Child’s Health Care Advocate

Advocate for your child by knowing how to help them avoid a concussion, how to identify symptoms, and what to do if and injury occurs.

Frank Porreca, PhD

Animal Models of Concussion and Post-Traumatic Headache

Frank Porreca, PhD, explains the benefits of using animal models to better understand concussion and develop treatments.

football players colliding on snowy field

King-Devick Test Proves Useful in Outpatient Concussion Assessment

University at Buffalo researchers further validate King-Devick Concussion Test in adolescents.


5 Tips for Preventing Concussion in Skiing and Snowboarding

A collection of best practrices for preventing concussion while you or your child is skiing or snowboarding.

snowboarder shredding the slopes

How to Prepare Your Children for Winter Sports

No matter if you are hitting the slopes or stepping on the ice, follow these tips to prevent a sports-related injury during the cold-weather months.

woman kicking soccer ball

The Female Brain and the Anatomy of Concussion

Doug Smith, MD, PhD, discusses the distinct anatomy of the female brain and the lasting effects of concussion.

person shovelling snow to avoid concussion during winter

How to Prevent Concussion During Winter

There are many hazards associated with winter weather that can pose an increased risk for mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion.

Michael Stuart, MD

The Impact Report with Michael Stuart, MD

Michael Stuart, MD, works diligently to improve concussion diagnosis, treatment and prevention for athletes. Read our interview with him here.